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Sheriff's Riverbank Enforcement


Sheriff's Riverbank Enforcement



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Sheriff's Office Requests Continued Riverbank Enforcement Grant Funding


Santa Ynez - March 7th, 2016

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a second year of grant funding to provide increased patrolling and enforcement of areas where illegal off-road vehicles are being used. 

The Sheriff’s Office continues to receive complaints regarding individuals on ATVs who are damaging private property and the environment primarily in the Santa Ynez riverbed and surrounding areas bordering the City of Lompoc.  They are also violating a number of other state and county ordinances.


The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office recently submitted a board letter to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors to author an application to the State of California Parks and Recreation Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) 2015/2016 grant program and a resolution to accept the grant funds if awarded.  A preliminary application was submitted on March 4, 2016. 


As part of the multi-step application process, there is an opportunity for public comment and feedback before the final application is due on May 2, 2016.  Starting March 7, 2016 until April 4, 2016, the public can view the on-line grant application and submit comments.


To view the application, go to the California State OHV Grants and Cooperative Agreements program at To make public comments on the application, click on “GRANTS” and then on “On-line Grants Application (OLGA).” Then follow the directions on the menu bar on the left side of the screen.



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