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Deltopia Crowds 2016


Deltopia Crowds 2016



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Deltopia Recap and Preliminary Numbers


Isla Vista - April 2nd, 2016


The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to report that there were no major incidents related to the unsanctioned Spring Break street party in Isla Vista known as Deltopia.  The crowd was estimated at the height of attendance at 3:00 p.m. at approximately 3,500 people and had dwindled down to approximately 500 people by 7:30 p.m.  The turnout is dramatically lower than the 10,000 people who were estimated to have attended last year and the 20,000 to 25,000 people who attended in 2014.  There was also a significant decrease in the number of arrests and citations. 


2016    2015              2014

48 Citations (preliminary) 140 Citations   190 Citations

45 Arrests    102 Arrests   130 Arrests

10 Medical Transports     9 Medical Transports    50 Medical Transports


This is the second year in a row the attendance for Deltopia and Halloween has decreased as well as the number of arrests and citations related to the events.  The Sheriff’s Office attributes the success of these events to a number of factors.  First and foremost, the Sheriff’s Office wants to once again thank the students in Isla Vista who helped keep this a “locals only” event by not encouraging out-of-towners to attend.  The Sheriff’s Office is also grateful for the participation of student volunteers from UCIV who passed out water and snacks to party-goers and who assisted law enforcement with reminding students of parking and music restrictions as well as other violations.


We would also like to thank the University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara City College and the Isla Vista Safe coalition for its campaigns to encourage students to keep the event local. UCSB also hosted student-only activities and provided approximately 100 police officers from UC campuses throughout the state, which in addition to the large contingency of Sheriff’s Office deputies provided an enhanced law enforcement presence.  Additional assistance was provided by the Santa Barbara and Ventura County Search and Rescue Teams, Santa Barbara County Probation, Santa Barbara County Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, Emergency Medical Services Agency, Santa Barbara County Air Support and California State Parks.  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit along with personnel from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and Santa Monica Police Department’s Mounted Units were present and on stand-by if needed.


The Sheriff’s Office believes a strong law enforcement presence is important to discourage party-goers from violating laws and stopping incidents before they reach a serious level. The festival ordinance which prohibited music after 6 p.m. and the restricted parking on the part of the City of Goleta, UCSB and the Sheriff’s Office were instrumental in limiting the crowd size.


The Sheriff’s Office is once again grateful for all of the first responders who worked together to keep Isla Vista safe and for the cooperation of the entire Isla Vista community.  



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