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Deltopia Related Numbers Released

Isla Vista - April 9th, 2013

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were extremely busy this past weekend in Isla Vista doing enforcement and crowd control for Deltopia. The Spring Break party, formerly known as Floatopia, was attended by 15 to 18 thousand people this year.  The turnout is significantly higher than last year, which had a crowd of about 8 to 10 thousand people.  The warmer weather was likely a contributing factor to the increase in attendance for the one day event, that starts early in the day and goes till the early morning hours, bringing in thousands of people from out of town.

Preliminary numbers for this year show, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and the University of California Police Department made 23 arrests and handed out 71 criminal citations.  The arrests included fights, assaults, battery, sexual battery, public intoxication and thefts among other crimes.  County Emergency Medical Services Paramedics contacted 67 patients of whom 44 were transported to the hospital for injuries and or alcohol intake.  The California Highway Patrol issued 59 traffic citations, made 5 DUI arrests and towed 5 vehicles.  Santa Barbara County Fire responded to more than 70 calls for service. This year law enforcement alone had 440 calls for service associated with Deltopia.

As a comparison to last year for the Sheriff’s Office, there were 15 arrests, 70 citations and 26 medical calls in which 14 of those required medical transportation to the hospital.  Last year, law enforcement alone had 243 calls for service associated with Deltopia.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in anticipation of a large crowd and activity brought in extra staff.  In addition to Sheriff’s Deputies, representatives from UCPD, County Fire, AMR Paramedics and Alcohol and Beverage Control were on scene as well.  Because of the growth of the event, the dangers involved with underage drinking and the number of people being injured, next year the Sheriff’s Office is working with the County, UCSB and law enforcement agencies to determine ways to make the event safer. 

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