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"Rex" is Assisted Out of Remote Area by Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team


"Rex" is Assisted Out of Remote Area by Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team



Sheriff's Search and Rescue and SB County Air Support


Sheriff's Search and Rescue and SB County Air Support

Sheriff's Search and Rescue and SB County Air Support Assist Campers with Injured Labrador Retriever


Santa Barbara - May 31st, 2016

On Sunday, May 29, 2016 just after 7 p.m. the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Emergency Dispatch Center received a report of a group of campers in the Manzana Campground deep in the San Rafael wilderness who had an injured 75 pound yellow Labrador retriever and were unable to carry him out of the area.  The dog named “Rex” had sustained a leg injury while hiking in a remote area which prevented the group from taking him back the six miles to their vehicle at Nira Campground. 

A hiker found the group, which was made up of two women in their thirties, one from Santa Barbara and one from Ventura, two boys, ages 10 and 12 and the injured dog.  The hiker on his way out of the area got to a location with cell phone reception and called 911 for help.  Due to the concern the group would put itself at a greater risk by trying to transport the dog out down the backcountry trail plans were initiated to help evacuate the injured dog. However, due to the remote location, the fact there was not a life threatening situation and the information that the campers had camping supplies with them, the decision was made to respond the following morning at first light.

On Monday, May 30, a Santa Barbara County Air Support helicopter with members of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team (SBCSAR) located a landing area in the narrow canyon several miles from where the group with the injured dog was located.  SBCSAR team members hiked to the location and helped carry the injured dog to the awaiting helicopter.  Santa Barbara County Air Support then flew the group and “Rex” back near the trailhead at Nira where they were able to access their vehicle and get the dog medical attention.

SBCSAR wants to take this opportunity to remind residents of important safety tips when hiking with dogs.  Dogs can be wonderful trail companions but remember they need just as much, if not more, attention than humans and they can overheat faster because they do not sweat. Take extra water for canine hiking companions, hike in the morning or evening and be sure to rest the dogs if they show signs of overheating.  Take advantage of shade and pools of water for cooling yourself and your dogs.  
Be aware that the air temperature can dramatically increase (up to 20 degrees or more) as you hike up the trail due to the lack of shade or water. Dogs cool themselves by panting. If the air is hot, your dog is hot. Many dogs will go until they drop.


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