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Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Rappels Down


Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Rappels Down

Rock Face Near Cathedral Peak




Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Rappels Down

Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team Assist Two Stranded Hikers


Santa Barbara County - July 18th, 2016

At approximately 5:00 p.m. on July 17, 2016, two male hikers in their twenties were descending on a hike at Cathedral Peak in the mountains above Mission Canyon when they missed the turnoff to the main trail and found themselves stranded on the cliff face.  The hikers, one from Santa Barbara and the other from Los Angeles, used their cell phones to call 911 and report the emergency. 


The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (SBCSAR) team was paged out.  After working with dispatchers, SBSCAR team members identified the initial location of the stranded hikers.  The teams hiked into the area where the coordinates put the hikers and were able to locate them by calling out their names.  SBCSAR personnel climbed to an area above the hikers to a location where they were able to set up rope anchor systems and rappel down to the stranded hikers.  They secured the hikers to the ropes and rappelled down to the base of the cliff where other SBCSAR personnel hiked them back to their vehicle on Tunnel Trail. 


Fortunately, neither hiker was injured.  SBCSAR Incident Commander Nelson Trichler credits the hikers for realizing that they needed to ask for help.  He said, “While no one likes to be rescued, these hikers did the right thing and waited for the right help to come along.”


The hikers were fortunately not injured and were very appreciative of the assistance from SBCSAR.  The SBCSAR team is an all-volunteer, highly trained group that is available 24/7.  For more information, go


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