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Randall Leong, 29


Randall Leong, 29

Santa Barbara Resident Arrested for Narcotics Violations


Carpinteria - October 21st, 2013

A Santa Barbara resident who was arrested in January of this year for possession for sales of heroin was arrested again this week for the same offense. 

In January 2013, 29 year old Randall Leong of Santa Barbara was investigated for drug sales.  At that time, Santa Barbara Police Department Narcotics Detectives contacted Leong and a search warrant was served on him and his vehicle.  As a result of that search, Leong was found in possession of over one ounce of heroin pre-packaged for sales.  Leong was arrested and booked for possession for sales of heroin.  
During the last month, Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives received information that Leong was again selling heroin in the Santa Barbara area. On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, SBSO Narcotics Detectives observed Leong driving northbound on Highway 101 through Carpinteria.  Sheriff’s Patrol Deputies were contacted and assisted in conducting a traffic stop on Leong.  Once again a search warrant was served on Leong and his vehicle.  A thorough search was completed and Leong was found to be concealing approximately ¼ ounce of heroin, pre-packaged for sales on his person.  Due to Leong being in a SBSO Custodial Facility at the Carpinteria Station, he was arrested and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail for the following violations: Possession for sales of a controlled substance, and transportation of a controlled substance.  Because Leong was out of custody on bail from his January arrest, bail was requested to be set at $100,000. 


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