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Thomas Brostromrich, 43


Thomas Brostromrich, 43

Goleta Man Arrested for Stalking Juvenile Female and Entering Residence to Attempt Sexual Assault


Goleta - December 10th, 2016


On Friday, December 9, 2016, at approximately 5:00 p.m. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a mobile home park in the 7400 block of Hollister Avenue in Goleta to a report of a male subject in his underwear who was demonstrating erratic and violent behavior.


Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene and identified the subject as being 43-year-old Thomas Brostromrich, a resident at the mobile home park.  They determined Brostromrich had entered a neighbor’s residence with two juvenile females inside.  Once inside, wearing only his underwear, Brostromrich walked directly to one of the juvenile female’s bedrooms.  He was confronted by their grandfather who was babysitting. Brostromrich began trying to open the door to the bedroom as their grandfather tried to get him to leave. Brostromrich then assaulted the grandfather and continued to try and get access to the room. One of the juveniles screamed, which caused Brostromrich to pick up a nearby skateboard and threaten to strike the grandfather if he did not let him leave. Brostromrich then went to another neighbor and banged loudly on their front door before fleeing back to his own residence. 


As the deputy was conducting the first stages of the investigation, Brostromrich exited his residence. The deputy attempted to detain Brostromrich who began to actively resist arrest and attempt to flee. Additional units responded to the scene. Brostromrich continued to be combative and resist arrest but was eventually taken into custody. Several deputies received abrasions during the incident but did not require medical assistance.  Brostromrich was taken to a local hospital for a medical clearance after suffering abrasions and a laceration to his nose.


As the investigation continued, it was learned that Brostromrich had been stalking the 13-year-old for several weeks, attempting to engage her in conversation and watching her on the playground. None of this activity had been reported to the Sheriff’s Office prior to this date. Due to Brostromrich’s behavior and statements he provided to investigators, it was evident that Brostromrich had entered the residence to attempt a sexual assault.


Brostromrich was arrested and booked on charges of stalking, burglary, battery, brandishing a weapon other than a firearm, theft of the skateboard, resisting, obstructing and delaying an officer, assault on a peace officer and resisting an executive officer through force, violence or fear. He is being held on $150,000 bail. 

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