Most wanted - Jose Alfredo Gonzales Diaz

Jose Alfredo Gonzales Diaz


     Hispanic Male Adult
     Brown Hair
     Brown Eyes
     5 Ft. 7 Inches
     140 Pounds
     Born on September15,1969
     No Known Tattoos
     No Known Scars
     Last Known Address:
     125 Holly #5

     Carpinteria, California












In June 29, 1994, Jose Alfredo Gonzales Diaz attempted to rob Kim's Market, a small grocery store in Carpinteria, CA. In the process, he shot and seriously wounded a male clerk and female bystander. Fleeing the grocery, he drove to nearby Santa Barbara and successfully robbed a gas station. However, in the process, he shot himself in the left leg or foot. Diaz was pursued back to Carpinteria, but with the help of friends or relatives, was able to escape.

t was thought that Jose Diaz had fled to the Anaheim area, where he has relatives, or to Mexico. In later months, there have been unconfirmed reports of sightings of Diaz in the Carpinteria area.

he Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department holds a No Bail warrant for the arrest of Jose Diaz on two counts of attempted murder. Diaz is known to have had a .38 caliber chrome or stainless steel revolver in his possession and must be considered armed and dangerous.


If you have information regarding the whereabouts of Jose Alfredo Gonzales Diaz, notify local law enforcement authorities or contact Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Detective Bureau.

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